Graphic Design and Visual Communication

During my twenty-year collaboration with advertising agencies in Bologna, I developed creative and executive skills in the creation of communication tools oriented towards marketing and sales, and of an institutional nature (see Portfolio), as well as in the creation of websites and e-commerce with WordPress, Elementor, and Woocommerce. In particular, I gained significant experience working with agencies such as Nouvelle, Life Group, and Marka, on projects for clients such as the Bologna Motorshow, Conerpo Group, Seat and Nike Italy, Bahlsen, Stayer, and Passini Group.

I also deal with the creation of evocative and conceptual images to improve visual communication, inspire imagination, and create an emotional bond. A preview of this work is visible in the Concept section of the site.

My training includes scientific studies and a photographic experience at Studio Lombardi in Bologna, where I focused on industrial photography, still life, and darkroom for artistic black and white. I have also published covers and illustrated postcards, and collaborated as an author and co-author for technical-financial texts with various publishing houses.

Over the last ten years, I have finally conducted a visual artistic research aimed at exploring dreamlike content and experimenting with digital painting and graphic effects, documented in the Artwork section, and collaborated on interior design projects with a presence on specialized platforms.