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Dear + nome azienda,
here is Marco Grà, visual artist from Italy.

I am happy to introduce to you my new website: together with original materials, I have started a new section Fine Art Photography. I have also developed a different approach to sales – so that I can entirely dedicate myself to creativity.

Whilst offering the usual quality, creativity and innovation/originality, all the works and photos proposed on – for frames, decorative panels, wallpapers – are available at 30-50 euros each.

I here send you a promotional code, valid for the next 7 days, for a discount of 20% on all catalogue, valid also for the complete series. The code to use is the following: – Welcome -.

You will be now able to offer to your clients artworks and original images that are exclusive on Trusting your interest, I also attach here two new albums: my artwork “Beach” and a selection of Fine Art Photography.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Best Wishes

Marco Grà