Visual artist based in Italy, I create my work inspired by the belief that dreaming at night is a real rift on alternative realities, which is reflected in my artistic work that is a balance between playful and melancholic, between color and shadow, between harmony and dissonance. Coming from the world of art and fashion as a graphic designer, I have always cultivated a strong inclination for visual art and photography, exploring, writing, creating, and refining my own style over the years. Thanks to the results obtained and the interest received, it was natural for me to leave behind the previous job in order to dedicate myself entirely to my artistic profession. 

  • Scientific studies.
  • Photographic experience, internships, and work activities at Studio Lombardi in Bologna, focusing on industrial photography, still life, and darkroom techniques for artistic black and white photography.
  • Artistic activities and early experiences in macro photography, experimenting with light and shadows on crystals, and publication of images for publishers such as Pàtron Editore and Zanichelli Editore.
  • Author and co-author (under the name Marco Grassilli) of technical and financial texts and collaborations with magazines such as CCIAA Bologna, Giuffré Editore, Editrice Esculapio, Pitagora Editrice, Sicil Cassa, Tramontana Editore, Zanichelli Editore.
  • Interest in Marajoara culture (ancient indigenous society that developed on Marajó Island, located at the mouth of the Amazon River in Brazil), Native American cultures (particularly Navajo, Hopi, Acoma), and Guatemala, with importation of contemporary craft artifacts, and creation of the Kosa Art Gallery in Bologna.
  • Abstract photography of natural elements, supported by macro photography techniques, and creation of the cultural association Imàgina in Bologna.
  • Illustration of children’s books, including the creation of characters and texts, such as Pulcina and other anthropomorphized characters.
  • Advanced training course in Graphic Design at the Polo di Grafica e Comunicazione in Bologna.
  • Graphic designer – Leaf Idee per Comunicare – for communication agencies such as Marka, Nouvelle, Gruppo Life in Bologna, working in the fields of advertising, art, fashion. 
  • Shy author of novels and short story collections, including Comete, Intrappolati, Cose di un altro universo, Schegge, Luce, Bistrò.
  • Visual artistic research aimed at exploring dreamlike contents and experimenting with digital painting and graphic effects, documented on the website
  • Collaboration on interior design projects, with a presence on specialized platforms.

A Starry Night .4